What we do

Career Innovation delivers a range of tailored solutions that help employers and employees work together to bring business goals and employee career path goals into alignment.

Research repeatedly shows that fewer than half of employees are really engaged in their work. That’s a serious waste of talent. It’s bad news for employees and for organisations.

Research-based solutions

We undertake rigorous research to understand issues, and we bring leading international companies together to spot trends. Then we back this up with research-based practical tools and services that enhance recruitment, engagement and retention:

Practical guides help managers to have engaging conversations with people about their work, skills, learning and future career. Our research shows that these conversations are key.

Online tools empower individuals to plan their future and manage change, making the most of every opportunity and interaction.

These practical tools and solutions enable organisations to put in place a career strategy that helps to further business goals including:

  • improving resourcing by attracting diverse talent, and aiding mobility and redeployment
  • building capability by motivating people to manage their own learning and development
  • inspiring performance, so ‘performance management’ becomes an engaging, positive experience
  • supporting change by helping people to be resilient, work flexibly and adapt to restructuring.

Above all, by supporting a focus on learning and careers we help you build trust, purpose and productivity in your workplace.

See our tools and services for more detail, and please contact us to discuss how we can help.