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Impressing your employer at every stage

To get that ideal role, there’s one word that can transform your resume to impress the hiring manager. ‘Which’ is followed by an explanation. It enables us to demonstrate the value we add. Then at interview, we need to demonstrate higher order thinking skills (per Bloom’s taxonomy) that differentiate us from artificial intelligence. Once we’ve […]

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New resolutions already failed?

It’s February. And we know only 8% manage to keep New Year’s Resolutions. So you may be among them. There is another approach, aside from making no resolutions at all. That is simply to have a ‘word for the year’, which acts as a constant reminder of a change you want to make. If that’s […]

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nightmare vision of future employer

@EmmaWatson stars in The Circle, to be released in April. Based on 2013 novel, it centres on an omniscient hybrid of tech companies. Judging by the trailer, it will make uncomfortable viewing for HR professionals intent on using technology to monitor and control rather than to inspire performance. Read why the film raises: serious ethical […]

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Mental health in divorce season

Due to the pressures of Christmas, UK charity Relate received a 39% increase in calls  to their telephone helpline last January. It’s that time again. Divorce damages mental health, second only to the death of a spouse or child. The stress of divorce generates a huge cost for employee and employer alike, with productivity falling as […]

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Which career management skills are most closely linked to career satisfaction?

“We have entered an international era where the need for dynamic, globally-equipped, adaptive employees has become increasingly necessary to the success of organisations. Whilst employees want to develop their careers, they may lack the career management skills to do so and look to their employer for support. Better clarity is needed to understand the career […]

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