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How to ‘evolve’ talent

The idea of the lone genius is challenged in the provocative book The Evolution of Everything. Matt Ridley asserts that great men are created by history; innovation comes gradually, building on others’ thinking; and it happens when the idea is ripe. Serendipity plays a part in the creative process too. So let’s get ‘ordinary’ employees […]

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Questions and quiet lead to breakthrough thinking

When making decisions, we often revert back to what we know. Given the need to adapt to change, those old answers may not be the best. We can help ourselves by asking questions; process questions that enable us to learn and reapply the learning are different from those that seek information only. Quiet time allows […]

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Holacracy – a bold investment?

We need a new operating model, a distributed decision-making structure that adapts to the needs of its stakeholders. Zappos has been experimenting with holacracy, (self-management), as one way to achieve that. Holacracy has its detractors, given the 14 percent turnover at the company; but those who remain are building decision-making skills and are better aligned […]

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HR as paradox navigator

There’s an emerging HR competency on the block – paradox navigator. Working with long-term vs. short-term focus, centralised vs. decentralised operations, internal vs. external focus. This may be true, but it is hard to apply. I prefer the idea of HR existing to “translate business strategy into the right employee actions”. With every initiative, HR […]

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Technology replacing the human touch?

It turns out that machines are better than humans at hiring employees. We aren’t far away from replacing managers with algorithms that do the administrative side of their job. What will the “uberisation” of management look like? And how can we keep the best parts of humanity, such as empathy in the workplace when we […]

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