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Disruptive talent

Is it time you found your rebel yell? I bet you show attitude in the classroom, wanting to cut to the chase. So how about showing attitude elsewhere in work? Disruption is more than talk though; it’s also about good ideas and follow-though. You may feel constrained by the Hippo in the room (highest paid […]

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The dark side of transparency

Agile approaches to design lead to greater transparency, including in learning design. But transparency across the board may not be such a great idea as it can stifle creativity; lead to lower levels of trust; and lead to frustratingly longer decision-making cycles. However, businesses with an authentic climate – where employees can be transparent about their […]

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Distraction in the workplace

When your football team loses, your performance suffers.  This may sound trivial compared to the distractions caused by the political situation around the world.  Some of this is due to increased tension between people with diverse views.  Some is due to the news fatigue on social media that causes worry, that impedes our capacity to […]

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Food glorious food

Dentists criticize the frequency of cakes and other sugary snacks in the workplace. Providing sweet treats is impacting health. This is not helped by our inability to get the relation between pleasure and (food) size right, so we eat bigger portions than we need. Some companies are offering free food as an incentive, but without […]

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The digital imperative

Your employees are six times more likely to stay if you give them digital skill development opportunities. That might include machine learning that supports managers to grow their people. Paradoxically, for reasons of health and wellbeing, employees in France are now being given the “right to disconnect”. Technology supports us to learn and grow and […]

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