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Will Donald Trump’s policies be sabotaged by robots?

The new US president wants to bring jobs back to the US, but – whatever the long-term impact of protectionism – pundits anticipate the continued destruction of jobs due to automation. It’s easy to find examples of jobs disappearing in the motor industry, displaced by physical robots, a phenomenon first seen in 1937 and popular […]

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nightmare vision of future employer

@EmmaWatson stars in The Circle, to be released in April. Based on 2013 novel, it centres on an omniscient hybrid of tech companies. Judging by the trailer, it will make uncomfortable viewing for HR professionals intent on using technology to monitor and control rather than to inspire performance. Read why the film raises: serious ethical […]

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french gain ‘right to disconnect’

In France, 37% of workers use their devices for work outside office hours, and 12% suffer from ‘Le Burn-out’. So from 1 January, French employers with over 50 workers must negotiate the rights of employees to ignore their smartphones. The new law doesn’t set hard-and-fast rules or rights, unlike some European companies that have banned […]

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Influence takes more than logic

Trying to change someone’s mind with facts can backfire, especially when the evidence undermines their sense of identity – what they really believe in. Changing their behaviour can be even more difficult, even when they seem inclined to commit to a new habit (such as paying into a pension) after hearing about the benefits. To […]

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