90-minute Virtual Roundtables

Making CPD relevant

For some time ‘CPD’ (‘CPE’) has often been viewed by professionals – especially senior people – as a waste of their time. This has resulted in a tick-box exercise with limited impact. More professional bodies are therefore moving away from hours-based CPD (i.e. based on inputs) to encourage reflection and rapid impact. Real reflective learning […]

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Mapping Career Paths

Whether your metaphor is ladders, lattices or crazy paving, it’s important for organisations to communicate the kinds of work roles that are available, and what’s needed to reach them. In this Virtual Roundtable Sharon Peake from SABMiller kicked off the discussion by describing their career framework. We looked in depth at the idea of ‘Role […]

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Careers in Networked Organisations

The UK ‘Brexit’ has reinforced the need for organisations to be agile in the face of change. But the need for resilience is a longer-term trend. In this teleconference we discussed the market transformations that demand new ways of managing people and their careers. Some organisations are responding by hollowing out middle management, rewarding experts, […]

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