Ci started life as a research business, Whiteway Research International, which was founded by Jonathan Winter in 1993.

Whiteway gained a reputation for communicating research in a lively and influential way. In 1995, the company’s landmark report on “Skills for Graduates in the 21st Century” (written with Dr Peter Hawkins) was described by Charles Handy as a “window on the world of work of the future”.

In 1998, Jonathan decided to turn this research-based consulting company into a new kind of ‘catalyst’ for business. He renamed it ‘The Career Innovation Company’ and brought together eight leading international employers to form the Ci Group.

Jonathan’s vision was, quite simply, to help companies to become more inspiring. As the newspapers daily reported stories of workplace stress, demotivation and overwork combined with ethical scandals, he regularly came across ambitious managers and HR professionals who felt they knew what was needed, but could not prove their case or bring about real change.

Jonathan believed that by providing hard data, Ci could help them build the business case and by bringing them together in a collaborative environment, he could help them to learn their best approach to organisational change.

After years of research & development with some of the world’s best known employers, Ci now focuses on helping employers and professional bodies put in place the best possible support for career and professional development (CPD).