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The power of purpose

Since The Career Innovation Company was founded, we’ve been promoting the need for clear organisational purpose, and for individuals to find their purpose too. We even proved its value in our 2001 global research study ‘Inspiration at Work’. Now it seems business leaders have caught on in a big way, as 181 American CEOs declared […]

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A diversity puzzle

Lack of diversity at the top continues to puzzle organisations. It can’t be fixed by hiring in more diverse candidates. Diversity at the top is an excellent indicator of long-term success in career development. It requires the whole mix of tactics working together: managers, employees, HR, and a coherent career strategy to tie it all […]

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Be careful how you use AI in HR

Andrew Marritt from analytics firm Organization View highlights the risks in unquestioning use of artificial intelligence (AI). To illustrate, he quotes Pew research on computers trained to identify images as male or female. The researchers point out: “Unlike traditional programs… these systems make their decisions in ways that are largely hidden from public view, and […]

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