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Time will not heal the pay gap

The results of the gender pay gap reporting confirm that there are more men at the top of organisations, which creates a disparity in average earnings of men and women.  The typical timing of childbirth, between 25 and 35, has an impact; and difficult to control schedules get in the way of women stepping into […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Wearable Technology

Organisations are increasingly using fitness trackers to support their wellness campaigns.  They’ve recognised how health impacts productivity.  But with the upcoming changes to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), organisations need to have a good reason for keeping personal data such as heart rate. Google glasses can record every meeting we’re in, but this could […]

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The power of great conversations

What do organisations and employees have to gain from great workplace conversations? In this guest blog David North identifies the benefits – and the barriers – and sets out six ways we can strengthen conversations at work. A deep connection I love listening to the radio. Whether it’s Desert Island Discs, a Mark Kermode film […]

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To recruit better, hire teams or use AI

Hiring is difficult, given unconscious bias. But the biggest hindrance to good choices is: we hire people we believe will make us look good. There are two innovations that may help: Hiring teams. One Silicon Valley company is experi-menting with accepting job applications from small teams, hiring all or none of the team. The team […]

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