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L&D barking up the wrong tree?

Employees need to learn new skills – and fast. Shockingly only 21% of staff feel very well equipped to do their job well, according to a recent UK survey. Published by City & Guilds, the research pins the blame on poor learning design. Of course it makes sense to create training courses that are as […]

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When is the best time for your gig?

The gig economy has been used to demand total flexibility, while offering minimal security. But it can be positive. Defined broadly, it is about dividing work into projects and letting the best-suited people do them flexibly. Few employers, however, think hard about when people do their best work. Here’s room for innovation: At their peak […]

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How to accept new thinking

Malcolm Knowles posited that resonance – new learning relating to what they already know – helped adults to assimilate new learning. But resonance can get in the way of us changing our beliefs, as we discount information that does not support what we already know.  Recent research finds that students assimilate less when they use […]

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Finishing schools at work

Induction – or on-boarding – is difficult, especially for young workers unfamiliar with workplace norms. Ideally, business leaders would want compulsory work experience in schools, so that young people join the workforce ready for business.  In the US, some firms have created finishing schools to address the same problem.  When it comes to employee handbooks, […]

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Walking in the workplace

Walking at work is good for our physical and our mental health; and it aids our decision making processes with others or alone. Street Wisdom enables us to see the urban environment in an inspiring way, and is ‘walking-based problem solving’ – a mix of psychology, mindfulness and cognitive science. We can also look to nature […]

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