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Filling the talent gap with older workers

Demographics and longer schooling mean too few young people to grow businesses; so organisations need to hire and retain older people to fill the talent gap. This is not a new problem, but few organisations have responded. Certainly, there are challenges, such as unconscious bias. “It’s this automatic assumption (that) in your late 50s you’re […]

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Making the most of ageing workforces

At the other end of the age spectrum, our work on Redefining Retirement seems to be gaining ground. The UK government has been testing the benefits of a mid-career check-up for over 50s. Rosemary McLean contributed to a London event this month. So far, only a few employers seem to have seized the opportunity and […]

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We need to turn professional development inside-out

A recent meeting with a leader of a large professional institute was salutary. “The problem is” she said, “people just don’t take their development seriously.” “One of our older members said to me: ‘I’m not going to complete my CPD. I’m playing the game, seeing who flinches first’”. Employers will concur: senior, experienced people often […]

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Seniors at work

A Ci team has returned, buzzing, from Berlin where they ran a career workshop for senior executives. Workers evidently need help planning late-career impact in their organisations, as well as ‘what next?’ At the same time, organisations are twitchy since they have no clue how long people will stay. The result is blocked careers, not […]

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