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2020 is crunch time for business and for all of us

One of my business heroes is Paul Polman. As CEO of Unilever for ten years, he scrapped short-term reporting and set out on a remarkable mission to achieve business growth without increasing the company’s environmental footprint. Recently I had the chance to hear him in person at the business school here in Oxford. Forthright and […]

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The power of purpose

Since The Career Innovation Company was founded, we’ve been promoting the need for clear organisational purpose, and for individuals to find their purpose too. We even proved its value in our 2001 global research study ‘Inspiration at Work’. Now it seems business leaders have caught on in a big way, as 181 American CEOs declared […]

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How to network to improve your career

Rosemary McLean, Director at The Career Innovation Company, on curating important career relationships. When it comes to careers there is no mistaking that other people play a key role; family, teachers, early career decision influencers, managers, peers, and inspirational role models all play a part.   Much can be done to build these important relationships. […]

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Working patterns that aren’t working

Delivery drivers used by Amazon are fighting for improved employment rights. They argue they are doing the equivalent of an employed person’s role, with fixed hours, without the benefits.  Similarly, outsourcers’ trainees claim they are being treated as ‘indentured labour’ with the expectation that they will train for no salary and then remain with the […]

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The grubby story of sexual harassment

Since the news broke about the sexual harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein, the lid has been lifted on many other cases in the arts and politics. Those in the public eye are under scrutiny, but what lies behind the curtain in other workplaces?  Half of women (and a fifth of men) say they have been […]

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