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People over profit

‘Our people are our greatest asset’, or so they say. Yet so many organisations have fallen into the trap of focusing on efficiency at the expense of humanity. The result can be unethical behaviour, driving customers away. Putting profit before people doesn’t lead to the same levels of profit as putting people before profit. There […]

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The best and worst workplaces

Without a great company culture, the strategy will not materialise. That’s why google provides free food (amongst other things) – to encourage networking and idea swapping. They don’t see it so much as a perk, as a necessity for innovation, which is part of their strategy. At the other end of the spectrum, we seem […]

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Human Centred Design Experience

Human Centred Design (HCD) has been used for some time to create exceptional customer experiences. It’s worth it. Now, innovative companies are applying the same principles to their employees’ experience, from the candidate experience through performance management to role transitions. HCD is about “Involving the people who will be affected by the solutions we create […]

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CEO cuts pay by 90% – would you?

After reading research on salaries and wellbeing, the CEO of US-based Gravity Payments has raised the firm’s minimum wage and slashed his own. Employees react to the announcement. Watch the announcement on YouTube. If you need more data before you tinker with things like pay, here’s help: Predictive analytics are showing how things like pay, […]

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Friendly, ethical, cautious millenials

It is right to be sceptical on ‘generational differences’. Often, they are life-stage differences found in any era. But shifts in attitudes do exist, driven by the economic climate and by technology. This matters: in the US millenials may make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. According to US research companies that want to […]

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