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Gender Pay Gap: 100 Minutes Per Day

The Chartered Management Institute estimates women in the UK are underpaid every day by 100 minutes in comparison to male colleagues; as evidenced by the BBC’s pay gap figures. Hence the new requirements for reporting gender pay gaps in businesses of over 250 people, which go beyond the existing requirement for equal pay. Some studies […]

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Young Parents Penalized

Young, low-wage working parents are struggling to balance work and child care schedules, despite the fact that in the UK they have a statutory right to ask for flexible working arrangements. They feel penalised for even asking about it, let alone taking flexible working. High earners have more access to flexible working and Baby Boomers […]

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Step up your networking to develop your career

How adept are your employees at networking for career development? Practical steps to build professional relationships, increase career satisfaction and empower people to fulfil their potential. When it comes to careers there is no mistaking that other people play a key role; family, teachers, early career decision influencers, those who hired us, managers, peers, and inspirational role models all […]

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