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Pay attention to life stages rather than generational differences

People have similar needs at each life stage. So as we identify employees’ needs and desires we should pay more attention to life stage than ‘generation’. This applies to their day-to-day work, career aspirations, health, finances and learning. Young employees may want flexibility (as did their predecessors at that age). Working parents need a different […]

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Job search made more transparent

Individuals searching for a new role trust Glassdoor more than their prospective employer’s website, or career conversations with recruiters. Yet opinions on Glassdoor might be skewed by a few disgruntled employees. So how can a candidate get a rounded picture? They’re starting to use Big Data. CareerLab is a website that compiles data about a […]

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Watch out – wearable technology is here

Hi-tech watches are just the beginning, but what a start! Now you can improve your health by monitoring every step you take, and every moment you sleep. That’s fine if you’re a sports fanatic and it’s voluntary. It’s fine if you are choosing to improve your health. But in the world of management, ethics are […]

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Gen Y idealism will change the way we manage

Students have always been activists. But today’s young people have a louder voice than ever before. This month it is on the streets of Hong Kong that young demonstrators are calling for democracy. They tweet, blog, and evade the Great Firewall of China using apps like Firechat. Elsewhere in the world, young people step onto […]

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Friendly, ethical, cautious millenials

It is right to be sceptical on ‘generational differences’. Often, they are life-stage differences found in any era. But shifts in attitudes do exist, driven by the economic climate and by technology. This matters: in the US millenials may make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. According to US research companies that want to […]

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