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% Y / N – ‘millennials’ (UK) 80 / 11 – Scientific Research 74 / 12 – Childcare 68 / 06 – Floristry/Gardening 72 / 14 – Teaching 72 / 15 – IT/Data/Telecoms 70 / 17 – Engineering 67 / 17 – Medical & Dentistry 67 / 18 – Nursing 67 / 19 – Marketing/Comms […]

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Gen Y at work

Ci research has often concluded that generational differences are exaggerated. In this article, Jennifer Deal blows away five myths. However, generations differ greatly in their use of technology. Guy Higgins writes: “If I can bring my own device(s), my email, my phone number and my private identity, then we have moved significantly towards allowing people […]

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Yahoo and its critics are both heading for failure

Yahoo’s Merissa Mayer has faced a barrage of criticism since her HR chief announced a crack-down on home working in a leaked memo on Feb 22nd. Many of the criticisms are valid. Banning home working is not the only way to reform a culture that lacks collaboration and innovation. It also looks like turning the […]

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Latest Trends in Careers and CPD

The Career Thought Leaders consortium have published their latest review of trends, including future résumés / CVs, social media, and career development. The review features the CareerPulse™ health check from Ci, which is part of the new Career Innovation Zone platform for professionals. The Ci team are continuing to develop the platform with employers and […]

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Fresh Tactics for Talent Management

Despite an oversupply of educated workers, critical skills gaps remain many organisations’ big challenge. Accenture suggested six strategies for a world in which people with multiple specialist skills are in short supply. “Redesign the work” they said, and “Mine internal talent by improving mobility”. Statistically, external hires can be an expensive mistake confirms Wharton professor […]

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