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Sailing round Britain, reflecting on what enables places to thrive

For six months I’m circumnavigating Britain, celebrating the people and places of these islands. Already I’m looking back at a succession of historic ports in the East and North. What’s their story? Many of these places have experienced the decline of the industries that made them. Dover has seen its ferry services cut. Ipswich no […]

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Redesigning teams to be more agile

We worked with Telecom New Zealand in their hey-day, so we were interested to read of their decline and rise in recent years. In 2014 they became ‘Spark New Zealand’ as part of a big plan to go agile. The change had no ‘plan B’. They cut functional silos, and formed cross-functional ‘squads’. It meant […]

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When humans and machines combine

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, augmentation is where machines perform the repetitive tasks and allow people to use their talents to solve more complex issues.   Accenture describe three waves of transformation: ‘Standardisation’ (think Henry Ford), then complete ‘Automation’ of routine tasks. Only 10% of companies are exploiting a third wave […]

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Business Blockchain at scale is three to five years away

In the short-term, blockchain’s strategic business value is mainly in cost reduction in record keeping and transactions. HR is starting on this journey too. The easiest place to start is single-use applications, which minimize risk because they aren’t new and involve little coordination with third parties. Financial services companies are finding that the private blockchain […]

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When is the best time for your gig?

The gig economy has been used to demand total flexibility, while offering minimal security. But it can be positive. Defined broadly, it is about dividing work into projects and letting the best-suited people do them flexibly. Few employers, however, think hard about when people do their best work. Here’s room for innovation: At their peak […]

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