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Managing up, down and sideways

Leaders improve their results by building 360 degree relationships, with their boss, their peers and their people. Peer and boss relationships lead to 47% of our business impact. Being friendly makes good business sense, but it’s more than that. We need to focus on strategic issues and financial results with our boss; and building momentum […]

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Maturing leadership development

Are you responsible for designing leadership development? The latest research reveals two trends: 1) you can develop the problem-solving maturity of leaders through vertical development and 2) the ecosystem within which leaders work needs to be freed from barriers to learning and growth. “Heat experiences, colliding perspectives and elevated sense-making” are all vital within and […]

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Habits built around social power

Even at age three, children can figure out where social power lies. So given this early exposure, why is it so hard to be a good boss later in life? It seems that we recognise what it takes to be a good manager, but it’s quite another thing to put that into practice when we […]

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Fitting in or standing out

Standing out culturally or structurally (but not both) will get you ahead of the pack. Useful data for new joiners. Organisations tend to support external hires when they join; at its best, that includes helping them to figure out how to fit in and how to stand out; but employees moving internally are often left […]

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People management overhaul needed

Only one employee in 10 has the range of skills and talents to manage a team (Gallup), so why do we hire and promote people based on technical prowess? Or worse still on time served? Unfortunately, young bosses supervising older workers foster resentment, which harms performance. So you can see why time served might be […]

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