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Game-changing learning

Casual game play (with low barrier to entry, and enjoyed in short bursts), motivates and leads to better learning outcomes, as a result of increased alertness and concentration. Casual games come at a much lower cost than serious games (those designed for specific skills building). An in-workplace version of Pokemon Go wouldn’t be low cost, […]

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Sweat while you network

‘A modest exercise habit can help keep you sharper into old age, give you more energy to take on the day, and improve your mood,’ not to mention increasing your productivity. But have you also heard the new trend for networking? It’s called sweatworking. It involves exercising with a buddy who may be a friend, […]

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Social media go mainstream

According to a recent report, uptake of social media in organisations is growing especially in customer engagement and external idea scanning. However, depressingly few are willing to consider radical change in the way people are rewarded, or leaders chosen. More positively, interest in ‘gamification’ for learning is strong, and social media are being used to […]

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the ‘gamification’ of work is here

Recently I met the CEO of, one of a new generation of ‘social’ software for performance management, such as: Examples like these are set to change the face of management software. Some are responding to the ‘gamification’ of work (as we have seen in recruiting). But software won’t do miracles. […]

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Enterprise 2.0 comes of age

Micro-blogging tools like Yammer are being used to reduce email overload, share knowledge and accelerate learning. Still sceptical? Here are 40 case studies and three benefits. Even more significant are feedback tools like Rypple. To find out more, log in to read McKinsey’s analysis

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