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Management Innovation Prize

Winners of the first M-Prize include Tongal, featured in a Ci case study last year, and Ross Smith who has also used the Ci Engaging ConversationsTM tool to help build trust and innovation in his team at Microsoft. To find out more, read: McKinsey Quarterly Our own entry for the M-Prize was a bottom-up approach […]

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Technology is fast-forwarding tomorrow’s workplace

What will the workplace of the future be like? Often the predictions have been wildly off-course: Multiple careers, free agency and tele-working were predicted years ago and yet most of us still work in traditional jobs. In fact, job security is more popular than ever. But now, it seems to me, things are changing faster. […]

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Crowdsourcing with the poor

First we outsourced tasks to India. Then, enabled by technology, we crowd-sourced high-value work via pioneering agencies like Innocentive and Topcoder. Now HR strategies can include micro-work agencies like CrowdCloud, ways to engage the skills of the poor like TxtEagle and SAMA Source, and access to free talent through micro-volunteering agencies like The Extraordinaries. Who […]

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The Ad Space Race

It’s not just software companies that are starting to deliver projects through ‘crowdsourcing’. New video ad production company Tongal uses competitions and prizes to attract the skills of a global self-employed workforce. Is this workforce a real ‘community’? Are their financial incentives fair? Can crowdsourcing be used for more complex, collaborative tasks? We can’t be […]

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Using prizes to spur innovation

The use of prizes to spur innovation is on the rise, according to McKinsey. The Ansari X-Prize provides a spectacular example with its initial focus on space travel. Other approaches to innovation include the Ci Workplace Innovation Lab and the use of ‘performance games’. Improvements can be achieved, it is claimed, when competitions and other […]

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