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Strategic moves of CEOs

GSK recently appointed Emma Walmsley, a 47-year old mother, as CEO. The debate rumbles about whether the company was pressured to choose a woman to fit some quota. Perhaps the real question is how can she boost her, and GSK’s, odds of success? Despite her internal promotion, she will need to take an outsider’s mindset, […]

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Space that says “You Matter”

“When your body feels cared for and respected, your thinking improves”, according to Nancy Kline. No more minimalist offices then. Roll on rich, characterful workplaces that lead to better outcomes. Where you sit can also raise your productivity by up to 15%, particularly if you are paired with someone with different strengths or better performance. […]

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gen-y workers test drive new roles

With young people living with their parents for longer, they appear to be more afraid of growing up than their predecessors.  Unfortunately, fear of maturity is associated with negative outcomes including poorer psychological wellbeing. That makes their first employment experience all the more important, to support their growth from emerging adults into responsible adulthood and […]

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The Great Training Robbery

If you want to change your organisation, it is futile to train individuals without changing the system first. People slip back into old patterns if the system of roles and responsibilities doesn’t support them to change. Individual talent is dependent on the system around them, as shown by Groysberg’s study of Wall Street star-analysts, who […]

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