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The isolation of gig workers

Working from home is appealing to many, but the isolation can be tough for some. Gig workers can benefit from a thoughtful approach to their engagement, just as much as contracted employees. Inviting them into an open plan office might not be the answer though, due to distractions, and more counter-intuitively the lack of cooperation, […]

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Business Blockchain at scale is three to five years away

In the short-term, blockchain’s strategic business value is mainly in cost reduction in record keeping and transactions. HR is starting on this journey too. The easiest place to start is single-use applications, which minimize risk because they aren’t new and involve little coordination with third parties. Financial services companies are finding that the private blockchain […]

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Most productive times and place to work

Working with circadian rhythms can boost our personal productivity. It’s clearly helpful to think twice about timing before sending email, scheduling a meeting, or asking someone to make a considered decision. The ‘morning morality effect’ means you should ask for a pay rise (for example) in the morning if you want a favourable response (assuming […]

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Virtual teaming better than f2f

Managing a virtual team may seem daunting, but can lead to a 43% increase in productivity compared to co-located teams, if done right. Periodically meeting in person supports virtual working, but is not the be-all-end-all. As well as getting the touchpoints right, managers should pay attention to getting the right team, the right leadership and […]

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Yahoo and its critics are both heading for failure

Yahoo’s Merissa Mayer has faced a barrage of criticism since her HR chief announced a crack-down on home working in a leaked memo on Feb 22nd. Many of the criticisms are valid. Banning home working is not the only way to reform a culture that lacks collaboration and innovation. It also looks like turning the […]

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