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Most productive times and place to work

Working with circadian rhythms can boost our personal productivity. It’s clearly helpful to think twice about timing before sending email, scheduling a meeting, or asking someone to make a considered decision. The ‘morning morality effect’ means you should ask for a pay rise (for example) in the morning if you want a favourable response (assuming […]

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Virtual teaming better than f2f

Managing a virtual team may seem daunting, but can lead to a 43% increase in productivity compared to co-located teams, if done right. Periodically meeting in person supports virtual working, but is not the be-all-end-all. As well as getting the touchpoints right, managers should pay attention to getting the right team, the right leadership and […]

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Yahoo and its critics are both heading for failure

Yahoo’s Merissa Mayer has faced a barrage of criticism since her HR chief announced a crack-down on home working in a leaked memo on Feb 22nd. Many of the criticisms are valid. Banning home working is not the only way to reform a culture that lacks collaboration and innovation. It also looks like turning the […]

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Let’s Do Innovation At All Costs

Switzerland is ranked the world’s most innovative nation. But what helps create an innovative company? The media often highlight innovative physical spaces like these wacky desk layouts or the office at Facebook, or the places people get ideas. One study from Silicon Valley finds the best companies are ‘Need Seekers’. Here are ten other top […]

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But Don’t Ignore Fast Conversation

Not all good conversations are slow or face-to-face. Social media create a new dynamic and organisations are increasingly using them for customer communities and with employees. McKinsey predicts a 25% productivity gain from everyday benefits such as reduced email. These developments raise concern about privacy, copyright, democracy and Gen Y, as debated by Don Tapscott […]

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