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Let’s Do Innovation At All Costs

Switzerland is ranked the world’s most innovative nation. But what helps create an innovative company? The media often highlight innovative physical spaces like these wacky desk layouts or the office at Facebook, or the places people get ideas. One study from Silicon Valley finds the best companies are ‘Need Seekers’. Here are ten other top […]

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But Don’t Ignore Fast Conversation

Not all good conversations are slow or face-to-face. Social media create a new dynamic and organisations are increasingly using them for customer communities and with employees. McKinsey predicts a 25% productivity gain from everyday benefits such as reduced email. These developments raise concern about privacy, copyright, democracy and Gen Y, as debated by Don Tapscott […]

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Social media go mainstream

According to a recent report, uptake of social media in organisations is growing especially in customer engagement and external idea scanning. However, depressingly few are willing to consider radical change in the way people are rewarded, or leaders chosen. More positively, interest in ‘gamification’ for learning is strong, and social media are being used to […]

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an innovation academy for hr

Thanks to input from well-known employers in India, Europe and the US we are discussing plans for a new ‘Innovation Academy’, in collaboration with MLab. This will equip HR and business leaders to solve business challenges by challenging the beliefs and assumptions underpinning six fundamental activities: 1. Strategic Planning 2. Agile Work Design 3. Real-time […]

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Enterprise 2.0 comes of age

Micro-blogging tools like Yammer are being used to reduce email overload, share knowledge and accelerate learning. Still sceptical? Here are 40 case studies and three benefits. Even more significant are feedback tools like Rypple. To find out more, log in to read McKinsey’s analysis

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