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Automation: where should we focus?

While people continue to debate the impact of AI, there are real investment decisions to be made. Some of these are in technology, while others are in people. This latest analysis from PA Consulting, published by CIPD with a UK focus, reaches positive conclusions: On balance, automation will create jobs, and will make work more […]

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Robots hiring and firing

Amazon is automatically warning then firing workers based on their productivity, according to The Verge. If true, this is a good case study on the ethics of using automation and AI in the workplace. You could argue it is inhuman and unjust. Or you could argue it’s the ultimate in fairness. Either way, as HR […]

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Our new ‘Careers of Tomorrow’ report

How are organisations making the most of three game-changers: automation, gig economy working practices and diverse talent? For our latest report, lead author David North interviewed 19 top employers and recent research. The report identifies emerging opportunities, challenges, and practical examples of innovation. The report calls for a future that ‘combines the best of technology […]

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When humans and machines combine

According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, augmentation is where machines perform the repetitive tasks and allow people to use their talents to solve more complex issues.   Accenture describe three waves of transformation: ‘Standardisation’ (think Henry Ford), then complete ‘Automation’ of routine tasks. Only 10% of companies are exploiting a third wave […]

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Business Blockchain at scale is three to five years away

In the short-term, blockchain’s strategic business value is mainly in cost reduction in record keeping and transactions. HR is starting on this journey too. The easiest place to start is single-use applications, which minimize risk because they aren’t new and involve little coordination with third parties. Financial services companies are finding that the private blockchain […]

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