90-minute Virtual Roundtables

Seamless technology for learning and careers

Every organisation needs to help employees learn, grow and develop their careers. Technology can help, but the array of tools from Learning Experience Platforms to Job Boards and Career Maps can be baffling. How do you make it easy to find and to navigate? How do you personalise it and make it relevant to large […]

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Is your career deal alive and making a difference to your business?

Most companies have an articulation of their career deal, often called the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which usually appears on corporate career sites and external job adverts. Do you have one in place? Is it strong enough to compete externally and at the same time realistic enough to retain employees once hired? Is it broken? […]

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Could mid-life career reviews unlock the potential of your largest untapped talent pool?

New entrants, high potentials and those with specialist skill sets typically get most attention from the talent management function within organisations. But with demographic trends predicting a growing shortfall of younger people entering the workforce, retaining and maximising the contribution of the over 45s could represent an organisation’s biggest talent management challenge and opportunity. This […]

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Enabling career opportunities – are managers the solution or the problem?

An intentional career strategy recognises the important role of managers and leaders in supporting the growth and career development of their employees, helping to make opportunities visible and accessible. Evidence points to the benefits of giving employees personal attention about their careers, but many managers don’t have the time, senior level support and encouragement, or […]

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Is developing ‘personal agency’ the key to helping individuals navigate their career?

In this roundtable we will explore whether the focus on individual behaviour and ‘mindset’ enables self-directed learning and career development in agile organisations.

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