90-minute Virtual Roundtables

Internal Resourcing in the Gig Economy

Most large employers are keen to fill positions mainly with internal talent, and to encourage internal movement of people. Unfortunately, several factors make it difficult – not least the natural reluctance of managers to let their best people go. What can be done? In this roundtable, Will Peachey, Group People Supply Chain Officer at Capgemini […]

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Member Career Development

Careers are changing as a result of the continued pace of political and economic change, and the growing role of artificial intelligence. Some people’s roles change or expand (requiring new skills), while others work remotely and part-time. Agility is key: Knowing your professional strengths, having a plan, building your network, and taking action. That’s hard. […]

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Careers of the Future

Employers face multiple workforce changes: Longer working lives, multi-generational workforce, ‘agile’ working, automation replacing repetitive skills, and confusion about what kind of careers will attract and retain talented younger workers. In what practical ways are employers responding? In this roundtable we summarised the major trends, compared ‘career development’ with ‘talent management’, and shared ways to […]

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Self-Organised Learning

Following our invitation-only Roundtable with leading professional membership bodies in January – ‘Making CPD relevant‘ – we are trialling a new approach to supporting CPD. We’re inviting membership bodies to work together, with our support, to pilot a new approach to reflective CPD. We’ll be using a method called Self-Organised Learning, a peer-coaching approach proven to be […]

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Making CPD relevant

For some time ‘CPD’ (‘CPE’) has often been viewed by professionals – especially senior people – as a waste of their time. This has resulted in a tick-box exercise with limited impact. More professional bodies are therefore moving away from hours-based CPD (i.e. based on inputs) to encourage reflection and rapid impact. Real reflective learning […]

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