90-minute Virtual Roundtables

Is developing ‘personal agency’ the key to helping individuals navigate their career?

In this roundtable we will explore whether the focus on individual behaviour and ‘mindset’ enables self-directed learning and career development in agile organisations.

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An intentional approach to career strategy

In a fast-changing world where higher levels of engagement and productivity are much sought after, but frequently elusive, we know that a compelling career proposition is a vital missing link.

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Raising Digital Skills in the workforce

In this roundtable discussion Leyla Yildirim, Chief Strategy Officer, PwC Channel Islands shared some of the latest insights from PwC’s Annual CEO survey on the challenges facing organisations reskilling workforces and building digital capabilities. Participants were invited to share what they are doing, and Leyla shared some perspectives on how best to incentivise and reskill […]

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Technology impact on work

In this roundtable Benedict Dellot, Head of the RSA Future Work Centre, described ‘four forces of technology’, as a way to help think about technology strategy: Automation Communication Digitisation Disintermediation (cutting out the ‘middle men’) Each of these forces has a different potential impact on the quality and quantity of jobs. Participants discussed their technology […]

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21st Century Careers

In this Roundtable we shared the preliminary findings from our 21st Century Careers research, and provided the opportunity to discuss the strategic questions arising. The research has focused on the impact of global trends such as automation, gig economy working practices and diverse talent pools on the workplace, and how organisations and individuals are responding. We’ve identified some innovative […]

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