Could mid-life career reviews unlock the potential of your largest untapped talent pool?

New entrants, high potentials and those with specialist skill sets typically get most attention from the talent management function within organisations. But with demographic trends predicting a growing shortfall of younger people entering the workforce, retaining and maximising the contribution of the over 45s could represent an organisation’s biggest talent management challenge and opportunity. This idea reflects one of the key findings of our ‘Careers of Tomorrow’ research:  that businesses are increasingly seeing the value and necessity of accessing more diverse talent pools.

In this roundtable discussion our ‘provocateur’ Laura Walker, who specialises in mid-life career consulting and coaching, will outline the business case for focusing on mid and late career employees and describe how organisations are beginning to use a combination of group programmes, 1:1 coaching and line manager support to meet the needs of this population and release their often overlooked potential.

This invitation-only roundtable for employers takes place on November 14th.

If you’d like to be considered for an invitation to this Virtual Roundtable please contact us.