Setting CPD alight

An experiment in Self Organised Learning – PARN Supporting the Sector Conference, 6 June

Today’s fast-paced work environment feels more chaotic and uncontrollable than ever before. Career paths have gone. Professional distinctions are blurring. And the recent prominence of artificial intelligence has added to workers’ fears.

Around the world, professional institutes are also concerned about the future. They wonder how to retain and develop older, experienced members who feel they have less to learn. They’re afraid they may not be able to motivate the next generation to join. They fear their latest attempt to revitalise CPD may fall flat. Yet they know they have something good to offer, if only they could engage members to see it and value it.

In this practical 60-minute ‘taster’ workshop, Jonathan Winter from Career Innovation and Dr Andrew Taylor from the College of Self-Organised Learning will argue that disengagement happens when professional bodies put their own agenda ahead of their members, creating inflexible paths and hurdles in the way of professional learning. And they’ll introduce a new and practical way to engage members and inspire CPD.

PARN delegates will have the chance to:

  • Learn about an approach called Self-Organised Learning
  • Experience a ‘Learning Conversation’ around their own professional goals
  • Share their experience and ideas to support and engage learners
  • Hear about plans for a collaborative CPD pilot project over the next 6-8 months

After the workshop the Ci team will liaise individually with those who wish to take part in the pilot, and hope to report back to a future PARN event with the results.