• Careers of Tomorrow

    This new report is based on interviews with nineteen major employers and a review of literature on the future of work.

  • 57 Varieties Of CPD

    Many people get bored trying to complete their CPD. Here are 57 ways to do it.

  • How To Do CPD – A New Model

    Many people find it difficult to do CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Here is a new model that helps professionals fit 'development' into their daily work.

  • The Talent Wave

    In this summary of his book The Talent Wave, David Clutterbuck describes an approach that relies less on formal talent processes and more on equipping people to manage their own careers.

  • Career Resilience

    Based on a literature review and interviews, this Intelligence Report identifies how organisations can create a 'change-ready' workforce.

  • Development at the Top

    Most top team leaders are not putting enough effort into their (or their team's) development, and those who do can achieve significant advantage.

  • Tomorrow’s Global Talent

    This report sets out arguments for re-thinking talent as part of the wider movement for sustainability.

  • Digital Generation

    The first truly global assessment of young high-flyers’ use of social media, and their motivation for work.

  • Performance Games Case Study

    This case study explores how improvements in performance can be achieved when friendly competitions and other games are designed into the work-flow.

  • Reverse Mentoring Case Study

    A great example of reverse mentoring, put to use in helping Unilever introduce new ways of working that cut the cost of travel and improve communication in virtual teams.

  • Cross-Cultural Conversations

    The Ci Cross-Cultural Development Conversations Intelligence Report comprises a literature review and interviews with 45 leading organisations.

  • Creative Cost-Cutting

    The Creative Cost-Cutting report resulted from Ci research in 2002 looking at how to build an "adaptive organisation".

  • Creating an innovation culture

    This case study describes how a fast-growing innovation consultancy creates the conditions for innovation to flourish.

  • Introducing Social Media tools

    This case study shows how BT has introduced social media tools at low cost, using a novel bottom-up approach to introducing new IT.

  • Engagement through CSR

    This case study describes how corporate citizenship at Booz Allen is used to motivate and develop young high-performers.

  • US Army Case Study

    As part of the Ci "Digital Generation Initiative" this case study describes and evaluates how the US Army has pioneered the use of online video games.

  • External Talent Pools

    The Ci External Talent Pools Intelligence Report comprises desk research, interviews with 43 leading organisations and specific case studies on emerging practice.

  • Redefining Retirement

    The Ci Redefining Retirement Intelligence Report brings together desk research, interviews with 53 organisations and specific case studies.

  • Virtual Teams

    The Ci Building High Performance in Virtual Teams Intelligence Report brings together desk research, interviews with 41 organisations and specific case studies

  • Workforce Planning

    This report brings together the Ci Group’s discussions and ideas on workforce planning, with the goal of shaping a new and practical approach to link strategic business plans with workforce plans.

  • Manifesto for the New Agile Workplace

    The Ci Group’s Agile Resourcing programme set out to identify the ideal employment deals for tomorrow’s diverse workforce.

  • The Conversation Gap

    Most employers struggle with performance management. Most managers and employees dislike traditional appraisals. Is there an alternative approach?

  • A Guide to Trust

    "A Guide to Trust - A Review" explores the importance of trust in relationships in the worlds of work and business.

  • What Inspires People

    Our 2001 Inspiration at Work survey examined non-financial motivation at work.

  • Zero Retention

    This “Zero Retention” Case Study was written to stimulate thinking about how knowledge and talent flow in and through organisations.

  • Riding the Wave

    “Riding the Wave - The New Global Career Culture” documents the findings of the Career Innovation Group between June 1998 and April 1999.

  • ePeople

    Contrary to popular myth, startups have not all burst with the dot-com bubble, and their work environment in many ways remains more attractive than the traditional corporation.