Online career course

The Ci team has launched a new online career course designed to support ‘the vital many’ in their career development. Entitled ‘Be Bold in your Career’, the online career course comprises weekly bite-sized (2-3hr) sessions, encouraging participants to clarify their goals and take bold steps towards them.

Course leaders Rosemary McLean and Valerie Rowles introduce each weekly session with a video and a series of online exercises. The course also includes a real-time webinar, and encourages people to have career conversations with friends, colleagues, manager or a mentor.

Jonathan Winter (founder of Ci) said: “It has been a real success. Four fifths of the people who participated in the pilot said they had a career conversation as a result of the course, many have taken action to improve their work and career.”

Please do get in touch if you would like to learn more or read more about the course.