Pilot: Self Organised Learning

Around the world, professional institutes are concerned about the future. They wonder how to retain and develop older, experienced members who feel they have less to learn. They’re afraid they may not be able to motivate the next generation to invest in membership. They fear their latest attempt to revitalise CPD may fall flat. Yet they know they have something good to offer, if only they could engage members to see it and value it.

Now a new approach to engaging members is being offered for testing by a few leading membership bodies. Following a recent workshop at PARN, Ci is preparing a ‘pilot’ programme. The goal is a scaleable and highly engaging process of professional review and reflection. Rather than being entirely self-directed, this will involve a coach or peer coach to facilitate ‘Self Organised Learning’.

Organisations wanting to take part in the pilot should:

  • Take part in the telephone roundtable on July 20th
  • In the roundtable we will clarify objectives (what will success look like) and methodology
  • Piloting is expected to take place from September-November, then evaluation
  • After evaluation, the participating organisations will share learning and decide next steps
  • The goal is a scaleable approach to highly engaging reflective learning (e.g. annually, as CPD)

About Self-Organised Learning

SOL was developed by Professors Laurie Thomas and Sheila Harri Augstein at the Centre for the Study of Human Learning. It draws on the work of psychologist Carl Rogers and has been successful in diverse settings. SOL enables people to take ownership for their own learning. It achieves this through ‘learning conversations’ with a coach or mentor, captured in a ‘personal learning contract’. It is a simple, powerful framework that could help transform recent efforts to make CPD more engaging.