Leading the Future

The annual Stein am Rhein Symposium (stars) is nurturing a network of selected individuals who are likely to form the next generation of world leaders in business, science, politics and culture. But how will next-generation leaders cope with the conflicting demands of short-term goals and long-term sustainability? And how can they prepare for unexpected developments?

Within a broad agenda that included economic crisis and climate change, the 2009 symposium looked in detail at three focused issues that hold opportunities and threats for organisations, and have the potential to take us by surprise.

Ci provided three detailed briefing papers on these topics, and facilitated a creative workshop during the symposium. In the workshop participants developed physical models to represent scenarios for the future of organisations, and considered the impact on next generation leadership. Download the briefing papers below:

Are you a Next-Generation Leader? Download ten questions to test yourself from the summary report link below:

Are you a Next Generation Leader?