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Be Bold in Your Career
For Individuals

The online course that helps you take control of your career.

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Get motivated and inspired to move your career forward, and take control of your future, at a pace and time to suit you.

Be Bold helps you review your career journey and clarify the direction you want to take. We’ll support you to evaluate your career management skills, take action to improve your career and get the work you find most satisfying. Whether you’re looking for career progression, eager for a new challenge, or feeling stuck, this is the opportunity you need.

Do you want…

  • Renewed energy and focussed career direction?
  • Unlocked potential, confidence to step up and do more?
  • The ability to find the people who will support your career and the conversations that will get it moving?
  • Readiness for change and skills to manage your career?
  • The time to invest in yourself and create a plan that really works?

Is Be Bold for me?

Be Bold works for people at any career stage, who want to get the most from their job, and use their talents to the full.

It’s especially beneficial if you don’t know what move to make next. Or if you’re experiencing change, or re-establishing your career after a break.

A personal video introduction from one of the course guides, Rosemary McLean

It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my experience and what I want out of my career long term.

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Be Bold will make you realise the opportunities that are out there.

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About us

At the Career Innovation Company, we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to find purpose and satisfaction in their work and career. We’ve been working with large employers to create inspiring workplaces where people will thrive and grow for 22 years. We’ve distilled all this experience to create Be Bold in your Career, a flexible and inspirational career coaching course.

Course programme

Over ten weeks, our career experts guide and inspire you through a structured program. You can follow the timetable or work through at your own pace, the outcomes are the same.

Sessions are delivered online through motivational videos and resources, weekly emails and interactive webinars. Plus, there is a forum for questions, sharing experiences and advice.

Week 1: Introduction

This introductory week gets you in the right frame of mind to succeed and commit to the course.

Weeks 2-3: My Story, My Network

You’ll be looking back at your career journey so far to identify what brings you career satisfaction, and who can support you on the journey ahead.

Weeks 4-5: Futureproof my Career

We take a look at future work trends and how you can respond by building your career management skills.

Weeks 6-7: Moving Forward

Here you’ll be clarifying your options and how you’d like to grow in your career.

Weeks 8-9: Ideas into Action

Now it’s all about taking action, and getting the support you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Week 10: Completion

In this final session, we encourage you to stand back and reflect on what you have achieved by taking part.

Course fees

£225.00 per person including VAT

This includes four live webinars, career videos and interactive career coaching tools and resources. All resources are open for six months.

You can take part in Be Bold in Your Career through your employer or membership body.

Ask your HR or L&D manager to speak to us to find out more.

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