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You want to develop everyone, but fear that coaching would cost a fortune. With CiZone™ online career coaching and career development tools, you can provide career resources and support across your whole organisation 24/7.

Careers are changing, and so is technology. Workers expect careers which fit their personal circumstances, and organisations struggle to communicate what careers are available to keep their talented employees moving and developing. 89% of organisations surveyed by Ci (Career Resilience) said that self-directed career tools and online career coaching solutions are important in building career management skills and helping the workforce adapt to change.

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CiZone 3.0 (see video) is an online career coaching solution, providing a range of interactive career development and career coaching tools and resources on a user-friendly, easily configurable platform. It helps people think about their career and working life in a holistic way. Self-awareness tools, practical tools for career planning and preparing for career conversations plus resources for line managers providing career development support are brought together in an employee career portal; a one-stop shop. The platform makes it easy to link together internal and external resources with well-established tools from Ci, to create focused support for every career situation. The key features of our online career coaching solution include:

  • An engaging and interactive user interface that motivates employees and managers to use the tools
  • Career Scenarios – common career situations – which direct users to tools and resources which will help them in each situation
  • A career healthcheck (CareerPulse™) which allows users to identify tools and resources relevant to their career need
  • Comprehensive career coaching tools and resources for career exploration plus practical advice on career strategies and tactics
  • Multi-language capability to reach talent in all markets
  • Company-specific branding and easy integration of existing resources
  • A Career Map Explorer tool that enables organisations to communicate career paths
  • Flexible CPD planning and recording tools, a CPD system that employers and institutes can both use for Continuous Professional Development. With our CPD tools and system users can create their own career and professional development plan.

Designed by career experts at Ci, the CiZone™ career tools were originally developed collaboratively with a group of leading international employers in response to Ci’s Riding the Wave research and remain one of the best resources on the market. The tools have been successfully implemented in leading organisations across the world.

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What are the benefits?

  • Equips managers & employees to have better career conversations, increasing engagement and retention
  • Enables employees to manage their own career development
  • Encourages greater internal career mobility
  • Helps to attract and retain talent
  • Builds your external reputation as an employer
  • Provides a cost effective, inclusive and scalable solution