Conversation Gap™ survey

Conversations are the invisible way in which things really get done. Remarkably, most organisations have no idea how effective – or ineffective – these conversations really are.

The Conversation Gap™ survey enables organisations to shift people’s attention towards real performance improvement, providing rich actionable data and some dramatic figures that tend to get attention. In our original survey in 2004, we found that 40% of talented employees had a ‘conversation gap’ (a topic they want to discuss), a figure strongly associated with levels of trust and engagement.

Mapping an organisation’s conversations is like discovering its DNA. By focusing on real conversations not formal processes, the CGap survey explores the productive interface between individuals and their managers, mentors, colleagues, and even friends & family outside work.

The survey has a particular focus on the areas that are most important to both the organisation and the employee: Current performance & future development. For the first time, your organisation’s best conversations become visible.

The survey enables you to:

  • Analyse of the nature, frequency and type of positive high-impact conversations that are currently taking place
  • Measure of the size of the Conversation Gap (missing conversations), supported by qualitative commentary
  • Identify of the underlying barriers including a measure of the level of trust that exists between employees and managers.
  • Discover differences between demographic groups and/or business units
  • Benchmark against the high and low scores from other organisations, and between different business units
  • Analyse the impact of the gap on engagement and likely retention
  • Measure the return on investment from coaching
  • Support individual development, thanks to immediate recommendations for every respondent.

The results help determine the types of intervention that will be most effective in closing the ‘conversation gap’ and embedding meaningful conversations throughout the organisation.

Key features:

  • Based on original research, developed with leading global companies
  • Positive – identifies the best high-impact conversations, where they take place, and what makes them successful
  • Quantitative – you can track change over time, and the numbers are supported by qualitative commentary
  • Impactful – Typically 40% of workers have a conversation gap, presenting a huge opportunity to build trust
  • Concise – about 35 pre-coded and free text questions and which take approximately 20 minutes to complete

The Conversation Gap™ survey is usually complemented by e-focus groups, face to face focus groups, or interviews to provide greater insight. It also includes an unique interactive feature that provides respondents with personal development suggestions based on their individual responses.

What are the benefits?

  • Leading-indicator of organisational health and trust
  • Pinpoints areas of business at risk of disputes
  • Identifies good practices and role models
  • Compelling data for senior leadership to be aware of
  • Informs strategy for leadership development and OD
  • Makes the invisible manageable