Employee Surveys

Ci has developed a range of tried-and-tested employee surveys with particular focus on non-financial motivation of talented employees, especially graduates and professionals:

  • Riding the Wave – Understanding the experience of new joiners and early career professionals
  • Inspiration at Work – Retaining high-value employees through non-financial motivation and sense of purpose
  • Conversation Gap – Mapping conversations about performance and development to help create inspiring leadership

Predictive questions: We focus on leading indicators we have identified through our research, rather than tracking problems after they’ve passed.

Taking action: Many employee surveys take months to report, and then senior leaders fail to take decisive action. This can actually reduce engagement. In contrast, our surveys provide respondents with immediate feedback and access to resources so they can address the issues in the survey straight away. When providing reports to managers/supervisors, we provide guidance to help them meet, discuss and address the issues raised with their team.