Engaging Conversations ™ tool

Improving managers’ skills in holding engaging conversations is critical to growing the talent an organisation needs.

A common complaint from employees is the lack of discussion about their future development and career. The Conversation Gap study found 35% of employees had no conversations with their manager about their future development and 45% felt that this was the area with which they were least satisfied. When positive career and development discussions do take place there is a real dividend for both the individual and the organisation.

Engaging career conversations are linked to:

  • improved attraction and retention
  • growing the skills the organisation needs
  • effective skills deployment leading to improved organisational agility
  • high organisational performance

Based on the CGap research, Ci developed the Engaging Conversations ™ feedback tool to help managers improve and monitor their performance in having better quality conversations with their teams.

The tool provides feedback on specific behaviours and skills that lead to quality conversations. Managers are provided with tailored diagnostic feedback which can be dynamically linked to recommended development interventions. The Engaging Conversations ™ tool is also used to provide an on-going ‘audit’ on the quality of conversations within a team or across an organisation.

Key Features

  • Concise and simple – about 20 pre-coded and free text questions which typically take less than ten minutes to complete
  • Can be tailored to specific organisational contexts
  • Designed to complement other multi-rater tools and leadership development initiatives (e.g. for sustaining leadership improvements after a programme)
  • Clear and easy-to-digest individual reporting
  • Client administrative control and management reporting
  • Based on research with leading global companies

What are the benefits?

  • Managers discover the +/- impact of their conversations
  • Raises issues (conversation gaps) so they can be resolved
  • Sustains learning from leadership development activities
  • Increases employee engagement and performance
  • Encourages managers to make space for career development