Late Career Development & Pre-Retirement Planning

As working lives continue to extend, this changes the way organisations and individuals need to prepare for the future, and increases the need for honest and creative conversations about career and life plans, and in particular, late career planning.

In many countries a formal retirement age has been withdrawn. Individuals in late career now have a choice about how and when they retire fully from their employment. They may want to continue having a productive career in their organisations for as long as possible. This creates big challenges for organisations in workforce planning. There is a need for on-going dialogue with these individuals to help inform succession planning, and to leverage the skills and knowledge of experienced workers.

Organisations can respond by finding new, and more creative ways of deploying experienced workers, whilst maintaining talent mobility and development of younger, less experienced employees. This may involve redefining roles, tasks, reduced hours and flexible working arrangements. Individuals also benefit from help to consider their options, as they may reach a stage where they want to work differently but don’t know how or what is available.

Both individuals and organisations gain from being better informed about the legal, financial, employment and other choices open to them, and Ci offers workshops, tools and other support to put in place the creative support that is needed to help both parties feel well prepared for the future.

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