Try a Tool

Click on the links below to try a tool. The full demo sites require passwords from Ci (contact us to arrange a demo):

For employees: CiZone™ suite of career tools

If you have a password for the Ci Zone, follow the link above to use the entire suite of interactive tools on our demo site. When using these self-coaching tools you need to give honest, personal responses in order to experience powerful insights.

Here is an example tool (no password) that will help you assess how well your personal values align with your current work.

For managers: Engaging Conversations™

If you have a password for the EC tool, click on the link above to browse a pre-completed demo version of the tool which gives quick and powerful feedback to leaders at all levels, to help them identify and close ‘conversation gaps’.

  • If you’d like some help to have better career conversations, visit TheCGap and download the free guide.