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Career pulse

Measure and develop career skills

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Want to know more about Career pulse?

Career pulse is a diagnostic tool that helps people understand and develop their career skills. It supports people to adapt to change and increase their satisfaction with their work and career.

In today’s organisations, people are expected to manage their own careers. Often they don’t know how to, or don’t prioritise their career under the pressures of day-to-day work.

But career skills are increasingly important for growth and employability so that people can develop the capabilities they need for the future, and seize internal career opportunities in a rapidly changing workplace. For your organisation, developing career skills means you benefit from your talented people putting themselves forward, you grow as their ability grows, and you gain a reputation as a great place to work.

How does it work?

Career pulse is an interactive research-based tool that measures career health, by giving feedback on seven core career skills, and identifying actions to help employees manage their career and be future-ready.

Career pulse can also give you aggregate career skills data for your organisation. You can take a deep dive into employee survey findings, understand career needs for different employee segments, and accurately target career support to make a measurable difference.

The 7 career skills

  1. Know yourself  – Understanding their skillset and seeking feedback helps people to appreciate their value, maintain employability and build career potential.
  2. Stretch yourself – Stepping out of comfort zones, by learning new skills, or working on new projects, builds experience and gives confidence.
  3. Adapt to change –  Becoming more resilient, positive and flexible helps people to apply their skills to new challenges and seize opportunities.
  4. Spot the opportunities – When people can identify future career options, understand the skills they require and how to make a move, they learn to navigate through a changing industry.
  5. Build your network – Planning a strong and diverse network of relationships gives people a broad spectrum of support to achieve their career goals.
  6. Build your brand – Consciously planning how to present themselves, both publicly and one-to-one, helps shape other people’s perceptions and creates opportunities.
  7. Reflect and plan – Getting career fit doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time to identify goals and milestones for performance, development and future career.

What does Career pulse deliver?

Career pulse is a 15 minute online assessment that enables people to:

  • Recognise the skills and behaviours that impact their career experience
  • Rate the extent to which they are putting the 7 career skills into practice
  • Identify their overall level of career health and satisfaction
  • Prioritise actions they can take to be more intentional about their career
  • Know where to look for additional organisational support and resources via SSO integration

Achieve career capability and satisfaction

An evaluation of Career pulse by independent academics found all seven career skills are associated with improved career health and satisfaction.

Career pulse has been used by over 20,000 people to provide data and insight to support:

  • Career conversations
  • Performance and development reviews
  • Career development workshops and events
  • Early career, returner and high potential programmes
  • Career transitions
  • Wellbeing and resilience interventions
  • Internal mobility
  • Career and people strategy development

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It provided unexpected insights... I have never felt a stronger sense of purpose concerning my job than I do now.

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Understand and develop career skills in your organisation

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The thinking behind Career pulse

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