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Career Pulse

Measure and develop career skills.

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Career Pulse helps people enhance their career and employability by developing career management skills. It supports people to adapt to change and increase their satisfaction with work and career.

In today’s organisations, people are expected to manage their own careers. Often they don’t know how to, or don’t prioritise their career under the pressures of day-to-day work.

But career management is increasingly important for growth and employability so that people can develop the skills and experiences they need for the future, and bid for internal career opportunities in a rapidly changing workplace. For your organisation, developing career management skills means you benefit from your talented people putting themselves forward, you grow as their potential grows, and gain a reputation as a great place to work.

How does it work?

Career Pulse is a tool that measures your people’s career health, by giving feedback on their capabilities across seven dimensions of career management, and suggesting actions for improvement.

Career management dimensions

  1. Stretch yourself – Stepping out of their comfort zone, by learning a new skill, or working in a cross-functional team, gives confidence.
  2. Know yourself  – Understanding what they do well, and enjoy, helps people focus on what they really want out of their career. Personal reflection and seeking feedback helps people (themselves and others) appreciate their value, maintain employability and build career potential.
  3. Adapt to change  – Taking practical steps to become more resilient, positive and flexible helps people apply their skills to new challenges and enjoy new opportunities and ways of working.
  4. Spot the opportunities – When people can identify new career options, observe what skills are needed and understand how to make a move, they learn to navigate their own career path through a changing industry.
  5. Build your network – Planning a strong and diverse network of relationships gives people a broad spectrum of support, advice and encouragement to achieve their career goals.
  6. Build your brand – Consciously planning how someone presents themselves, both publicly and one-to-one, helps shape other people’s perception of them and creates opportunities.
  7. Reflect and plan –  Getting career fit doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time to identify goals and milestones for performance, development and future career.
Screen shot of the detailed results in Career Pulse
Screenshot of the detailed results in Career Pulse

Achieve career capability and satisfaction

Career Pulse has been evaluated by independent academics. All seven career management dimensions are linked to improved career health and satisfaction.

You can use Career Pulse as a diagnostic and development tool to support:

  • Career conversations
  • Performance and development reviews
  • Career development webinars and workshops
  • Early career, returner and high potential programmes
  • Career transitions
  • Wellbeing and resilience initiatives
  • HR analytics, using aggregated Career Pulse data to inform your People Strategy

Get in touch to discuss how you can use Career Pulse to build career management capability in your organisation.

It provided unexpected insights... I have never felt a stronger sense of purpose concerning my job than I do now.

Career Pulse User
Screen shot of the CareerPulse tool

The Career Pulse provides employees with an overall career health score

Improve career satisfaction, agility and employability in your organisation

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The thinking behind Career Pulse

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