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Career Development Workshops

Help your people take control of their career.

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The opportunities we have at work, and the skills we develop, will shape our lives. To achieve satisfaction and success your people need to understand themselves – and how to seize the opportunities available.

Motivate and equip people to learn and grow

Our career development workshops and webinars help your people understand what drives them in their careers, and what actions to take to be proactive about lifelong learning, gaining critical experiences and skills for the future.

Your organisation’s career strategy and desired outcome from the workshops is our starting point. We design workshops to meet your needs, whether you want to stimulate internal mobility, reposition how to manage careers in your organisation or focus on reskilling.

Your people will explore ways to grow in their current role and have career conversations with their manager. Retention and healthy internal mobility are supported as people see more opportunities around them, and understand how to grow and stay relevant in your organisation.

Workshop and webinars subjects include:

  • Career Development
  • New Career Proposition
  • Midlife Career MOT
  • Late Career
  • Career Conversations

We deliver tried and tested content, perfectly aligned with your business context and career proposition, in facilitated in-person workshops or tailored webinars.


Why choose us

We’ve run career development workshops using compelling tools and the latest research for over 27 years and we’ve been pioneers in introducing virtual learning to reach dispersed employees.

I had a ‘lightbulb moment’ mid way through where I realised that… I actually love my job and it’s not the right time for me to look to move out of this role right now. Through the activities and conversations I’ve discovered that my development and growth opportunities lie in what I can do in my current role.

If you’d like to champion agile and rewarding careers in your organisation, we should have a conversation.

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