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Career development workshops

Champion agile and rewarding careers

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Our career development workshops help your people to understand what drives them in their careers – and how to grow and gain critical experiences and skills for the future. We empower your career enablers, from managers to career coaches, to support people to navigate rewarding careers with you.

Motivate and equip people to learn and grow

Our career development workshops are designed to meet your needs, whether you want to catalyse a careers event, stimulate internal mobility, reposition how to manage careers in your organisation, or develop career management skills.

Employees: give your people the insights and skills to navigate modern careers

Career catalyst – a 1 hour session to motivate people to be intentional about their career

Cultivate your career – 3 interactive hours that give people the essential skills, insights and strategies to drive their career development with confidence

Craft your career – a unique coaching journey, that enables deep exploration, clarity about future career goals, and develops the skills needed to achieve them over 4 sessions

Employees are supported to:

  • Embrace agile career trajectories
  • Enhance skills and readiness for future opportunities
  • Set intentional career goals
  • Increase engagement and job satisfaction
  • Build a network of career supporters

Managers: equip managers to support career growth and drive your career strategy

Navigating career development – empower your managers to drive your career strategy in a 1 hour session

Managing dynamic careers – equip your managers to unlock growth through inspiring career conversations in a 3 hour workshop. Meet diverse career needs and enhance talent mobility

 Managers are supported to:

  • Recognise the benefits of career development and internal mobility
  • Enable agile careers
  • Hold meaningful and diverse career conversations
  • Create opportunities for employee growth
  • Align people’s career aspirations with business needs

Career supporters: upskill your coaches and mentors to give expert careers support 

Coaching catalyst – equip your in-house coaches to deepen their expertise and practice as career coaches over 2 sessions

Career mentors – equip your in-house mentors to support career mentoring conversations in a 3 hour session

Your organisation will:

  • Create an environment where retention, engagement and healthy internal mobility are supported, as people see more opportunities around them, and understand how to grow and be agile
  • Build a reputation as an employer of choice, enhancing brand and attracting top talent
  • Help everyone access opportunities, enabling inclusive career growth

We have decades of experience in career development and can also create bespoke workshops for target groups or to meet specialist career needs. Get in touch below to discuss your needs.

Why choose us

Led by our team of passionate facilitators, whether virtual or face-to-face, our career development workshops create an immersive experience where ideas flourish and connections deepen. Through theory-led insights, hands-on practice and skill-building, we spark transformative change and ignite motivation.

Our substantial experience in careers, behaviour change and strategic consulting infuses every workshop. Each serves a unique purpose, yet all share a common mission: to empower forward-thinking career growth and foster agile organisations.

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I had a ‘lightbulb moment’ mid way through where I realised that… I actually love my job and it’s not the right time for me to look to move out of this role right now. Through the activities and conversations I’ve discovered that my development and growth opportunities lie in what I can do in my current role.

Champion agile and rewarding careers in your organisation

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