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We want to change the way the world shapes careers

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Inspiring better work

Your success is built on the careers of your people – their capability, their experiences and their confidence all have an impact on how your organisation grows.

We know this because we’ve been researching work and championing careers for more than 28 years. And we use our experience to help organisations build workforces that are more confident, more agile and more productive.


We inspire better work through our solutions and services such as career strategy design and online coaching tools.

We partner with you to provide streamlined career development that aligns with your business needs.

The results can be transformational:

Resourcing becomes easier. Because you look after your people it’s easier to attract, retain and move talented people.

Your capability builds. As you begin to see the talent within your teams and people are motivated to gain new skills and experiences.

Engagement goes up. As does your people’s sense of purpose and productivity.

Your organisation easily adapts to change. Because your people are resilient, motivated and empowered.

And both the organisation, and your people, are left stronger and better prepared for the future.

Transforming work for nearly 30 years

At The Career Innovation Company we have been partnering with global employers to shape the future of work since 1996.

We are research pioneers, ahead of the curve in predicting future trends. We were preparing for the gig economy before it even had a name and we’ve been championing midlife workers for decades.

Our research is the foundation of our work, helping organisations adapt and grow by building career development strategies and offering compelling career propositions. Our career development solutions are evidence-based, so they really change people’s working lives.

Our people

We are an experienced team of career coaches, psychologists, employee engagement experts and organisational development specialists. What unites us is a passion for career development for individual and organisational growth.

We see the whole picture. We work with you to engage and empower the whole workforce, not just your top talent. We help you align business goals with people’s career development, and create growth by unlocking potential.

We are innovative. We have been leading the career revolution for nearly thirty years, accurately predicting future trends and creating solutions for emerging challenges.

We know our stuff. Our approach is backed by research and delivered by a team with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

We get results. When we work with you, we become your partner. Our success is measured by your success. So we make sure it works and continues to work.

  1. Jonathan Winter

    Jonathan Winter


  2. Jon Matthews CEO

    Jon Matthews

    Chief Executive Officer

  3. Rosemary Mclean

    Rosemary McLean


  4. Caroline Moorhouse

    Caroline Moorhouse


  5. Catherine Debray

    Principal Consultant

  6. Mark Anderson

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  7. Jennifer Duckworth

    Learning & Career Development Consultant

  8. Photo of Birgit Baldauf

    Birgit Baldauf

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  9. Debbie Fisher

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  10. Rachel Foord

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  11. Andrew Jones photo

    Andrew Jones

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  12. Denise Meade-Hill

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  13. David North

    Strategy Consultant

  14. Catherine Pugh

    Learning & Career Development Consultant

  15. Valerie Rowles

    Valerie Rowles

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  16. Tracey Skoyles

    Learning and Career Development Consultant

  17. Diane Tomlinson

    Diane Tomlinson

    Strategy Consultant

  18. Claudia Viggiano

    Learning & Career Development Consultant

  19. Michael Larbalestier

    Michael Larbalestier

    Head of Digital Products

  20. Anna Meachin

    Anna Meachin

    Marketing Manager

  21. Liz Harrison

    Finance Manager

  22. Sonia Speight

    Sonia Speight

    Project Manager

  23. Tor Russell

    Course Administrator

  24. Paul Townsend

    Paul Townsend

    Information Manager

  25. Becky Burke

    Project Manager and Administrator

Want to help us change the way the world shapes careers?

We recognise the value of diversity in a team – our business is stronger when our people bring a variety of experience and perspective. We recruit based on values, capability and performance.

We’d love to hear from you if you have experience of careers and talent, organisational development (OD), research, content development and project management.

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