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Career inspirer

Empower managers to offer career support

Want to know more about Career inspirer?

Careers are anything but linear these days. So how can you ensure your talented people stay, and are supported to build the capabilities they need for the future?

Manager conversations are at the heart of your career offer: communicating how careers work in your organisation, retaining talent, identifying potential, and building resilience.

These career conversations mean that employee’s career needs are heard, they’re clear on the opportunities available, and they know how to develop the future skillset that they – and your organisation – need.

What do managers need?

Proactive manager support is more important than ever for employee and organisation growth. Yet managers are often time poor, working though disruption, and with little career conversation training or experience.

Career inspirer upskills managers so they are confident to:

  • Have meaningful career conversations
  • Support employees to develop agency in their careers
  • Boost career resilience
  • Leverage team agility
  • Help retain talent through coaching
  • Find alignment between organisational needs and career aspirations

How does Career inspirer work?

Career inspirer is a set of 4 on-demand resources for managers which will help them grow and develop the careers of their employees. Each 45 minute guided learning journey is facilitated through coaching-style content and delivered via multi-media format:

  1. Talk careers How to be a coach in career conversations
  • Equips managers to explore the drivers and motivation behind their employees’ career needs
  • Managers learn the secrets to transformative career conversations, to improve talent retention and engagement, propelling team performance
  • Includes a user-friendly career conversation model and conversation starters
  1. Retain talent – How to keep talent during change
  • Managers learn techniques to retain key talent, while unlocking discretionary effort
  • Introduces a talent at risk assessment and 7 approaches to minimise flight risk
  1. Build resilienceHow to increase people’s resilience and wellbeing
  • Opens communication pathways that address employees’ unique circumstances and needs
  • Provides strategies that recognise the impact of change and transformation
  • Features conversation starters and resilience resources
  1. Develop agilityHow to help people adapt for the future
  • Fosters a change-readiness in your managers
  • Equips them to have career conversations with employees to grow and upskill for the future
  • Introduces 9 learning agility dimensions, how to identify agility risk, and drive learning and growth through conversation.

Targeted management development, in pocket and on-demand

Each mobile friendly interactive session contains:

  • Guidance and information on key topics
  • Podcasts and audio clips
  • Videos to showcase skills
  • Self-assessment activities
  • Links to other related content on LMS and other resources

Presented in SCORM format for an on-demand experience, Career inspirer can be hosted within your own platform or by Career Innovation. In just 45 minutes of targeted learning you can ensure managers are confident to have career conversations, so your employees feel invested-in, empowered and agile.

These state-of-the-art solutions help us on our mission to achieve personal growth and career development for everybody at the BMW Group.

Tom Hilpert, BMW Group

Mobile view of Career inspirer

Equip your managers to offer career support

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