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Career trails

Your on-demand career development offer

Want to know more about Career trails?

Organisations must be skilled in making careers work to drive growth and reskilling, and improve job satisfaction and productivity. In practice, career management is often left to individuals, or discussed in a yearly performance review. By providing on-demand career development resources, you give people the skills they need to better manage their careers with you. To enhance their job satisfaction, and drive skills development, and healthy internal mobility.

These state-of-the-art solutions help us on our mission to achieve personal growth and career development for everybody at the BMW Group.

Tom Hilpert, BMW Group

What are Career trails?

Career trails are 45-minute guided career experiences that target five core career development needs. The trails are designed by career experts to drive behaviour change that moves people forward and enables skill development and career growth.

The coaching style encourages a mindset shift and sustained change through an energising mix of video, audio, real career stories, reflective activities and interactive workbooks.

Support employees to navigate modern careers

Each evidence-based trail develops career skills that lead to positive business outcomes.

Trail 1  Take charge of your career

Shift employee mindsets about careers and learning; from passive recipient to proactive agent

  • Explores the flexible and non-linear nature of modern careers and the need to take opportunities
  • Introduces 7 career skills that participants use in the daily flow of work
  • Features activities to build career skills that enable self-direction and encourage learning and growth

Trail 2  Discover your career direction

Equip employees to clarify a career direction and plan how to get there

  • Explores how to evaluate different career options, understand personal career needs and future opportunities
  • Features career story podcasts, and coaching tools to surface strengths, unlock potential and enable effective future decision making
  • As employees identify skills gaps linked to destination roles, they’re encouraged to build capability for the future, enhancing your talent pipeline

Trail 3  Have great career conversations

Enable employees to maximise the benefits of career conversations

  • Helps people to create the conditions for great career conversations and build their career advocacy skills
  • Participants know who to speak to about their career and how to successfully prepare for these conversations
  • Career conversations increase the visibility of career intentions and surface skills and experience gaps. This helps to align individual and organisational career needs

Trail 4  Craft your career story

Equip employees to communicate what they offer to maximise their access to opportunities

  • Highlights the importance of understanding and telling your career story to position who you are and the value you bring
  • Participants build a compelling brand and explore how to communicate this via different channels
  • Helps to build confidence and surface strengths and skills, which supports inclusive internal mobility and use of talent marketplaces

Trail 5  Build a strong network

Enable employees to leverage their relationships to support their career development

  • Empowers people to build an active and sustainable career supporter network that provides insights to enable career growth
  • Features a network mapping tool, and develops networking skills through guided coaching
  • Our research shows that having a strong network of career supporters enhances career satisfaction and successful career transitions

Give your people the skills to drive their career development

So that they can seize opportunities, develop and grow.

Presented in SCORM format for on-demand development, the mobile-friendly Career trails can be hosted by us, or within your own platform.

Enhance your strategic career offer with Career trails and align your people’s career needs with your organisation’s growth.

Encourages people to take control of their career rather than waiting passively for others to influence it

Career trails participant

Help your people achieve growth in your organisation

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