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Sustainable careers for STEM returners

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STEM Returners are working with The Career Innovation Company to develop returnships into sustainable careers with the Be Bold in your Career online career development programme.

While returnship programmes offer a welcome step back on the ladder, some fear the returnship will be a short term trial. Returners can be uncertain how to seize this opportunity – and make it develop into a sustainable career. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with STEM Returners to address this concern by offering returners a place on the Be Bold in your Career online career development programme. Be Bold in your Career develops career management skills to re-instil career confidence, re-ignite passion for professions, and sustain the right career for the long term. As explained by a Returner Participant, Be Bold in your Career:

“Be Bold provides returners with a ‘holding hand’ to make a successful transition into new roles, helping them to gain clarity about what they want from a role and what they can give”

Natalie Desty, Founder of STEM Returners said:

We are delighted to be working with Be Bold. We are committed to ensuring our returners are supported and empowered to not only return to engineering, but also to develop their ongoing career with confidence and direction. Be Bold allows candidates to work through modules in their own time, remotely, which fits perfectly with the flexible opportunities that we aim to create.

About Us:

Be Bold in your Career is a pioneering online career development course, developed from 20 year’s experience working with some of the world’s best-known organisations. It is designed to unlock an individual’s career potential in just 2 hours a week using evidence-based career theories and online coaching via video, interactive tools and webinars.

The Career Innovation Company exists to help people and organisations make the most of their talents, strengthen their sense of purpose, and prepare for the future of work.

Our vision is for workers everywhere to feel confident, supported and encouraged in their career. We know that good work is an essential human need, crucial for our economic and psychological wellbeing and we work in partnership with organisations who share our mission to provide career development to support this.

STEM Returners is a programme to help employers recruit, develop and retain the best available talent, and to enable highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career. It aims to redress the gender imbalance within STEM, and work with employers to view CV gaps in a different way. Operating within an incredibly skills-short market, this scheme will allow employers to attract candidates from a new talent pool, and give candidates a supported route back to their career.

Find out more about the inspiring STEM Returners programme and how it can help you or your organisation. 

Unlock career potential in your organisation with Be Bold in your Career. 

Build your best career with the Be Bold in your Career programme, sign up today.

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