Conversation Guides and Workshops

Organisations recognise that their performance depends on conversations. Effective career conversations are key. Yet managers often lack the skills or confidence to have powerful, positive work and career conversations.

Managers play a key role in helping individuals develop careers which are aligned with the organisation’s needs and thus increase engagement, motivation and long-term commitment to the organisation. The evidence is compelling. Managers who are very effective at developing employees create:

  • 25% performance improvement
  • 40% increase in retention
  • 8% improvement in employee adaptability

(Source Corporate Leadership Council)

We provide a bespoke design service so you can deliver virtual or face-to-face workshops, with a focus on career conversations, plus ‘train the trainer’ or co-delivery as required. We also design and produce high quality online and printed materials.

The Engaging Dialogue skills guides contains core concepts of effective dialogue and a series of situation-specific how-to guides to support managers in having more effective dialogue.

These guides can be tailored to incorporate organisation-specific information about career resources and career paths, or linked to strategic goals and objectives. They can be used as a standalone resource or developed as part of a holistic initiative which includes workshops or online tools.

Conversations skills workshops can be built around the feedback from the Engaging Conversations tool, or it can be integrated with other development programmes or resources such as online or paper-based Conversations guides.

What are the benefits?

  • Tailored to your organisational context
  • Focus on easy conversations, not just ‘difficult’ ones
  • Designed for large-scale deployment
  • Virtual workshops enable ‘bite-sized’ training
  • Encourages and supports immediate practice