Empowering Conversations ™ tool

There will always be people in the middle of any large organisation with a critical role communicating corporate intent, setting the context, creating clear expectations, and managing both upwards and downwards.

Building on the Engaging Conversations ™ feedback tool, Ci developed a version of the tool, Empowering Conversations ™ Tool, to help mid-level leaders improve and monitor their performance in having better quality conversations with their teams, specifically focused on empowering others. This new version was tested with focus groups from different regions internationally.

In addition to the areas covered by the Engaging Conversations tool, the Empowering Conversations tool includes items like these:

  • You are kept informed about what is going on in the organisation
  • You are supported in making connections beyond your work group
  • You are supported in clearing obstacles that need more senior intervention
  • Your manager trusts you to make decisions
  • You have control over your work

As a result, the tool provides feedback on specific conversational skills and behaviours that increase empowerment. Managers are provided with tailored diagnostic feedback which can be dynamically linked to recommended development interventions.

Key Features

  • Developed and tested internationally with a leading company (based on the original Engaging Conversations tool)
  • Can be further tailored to specific organisational contexts, and to support a ‘commander’s intent’ (directed opportunism) approach to leadership
  • Designed to complement other multi-rater tools and leadership development initiatives (e.g. for sustaining leadership improvements after a programme)

What are the benefits?

  • Helps managers save time through better delegation
  • Encourages autonomy and problem-solving within teams
  • Aligns performance throughout the organisation
  • Raises issues (conversation gaps) so they can be resolved
  • Sustains learning from leadership development activities