Next-generation career tools

Some of the world’s best-known employers have been using interactive tools from Career Innovation for more than 15 years. Now we have developed the next generation of these tools, providing engaging, cost-effective resources to support employee engagement and career development.

Careers are changing, and so is technology. Workers expect ‘mass customised’ careers and organisations struggle to communicate what career paths are available, to keep their talented employees moving and developing. CiZone 3.0 provides a range of interactive tools and resources on a user-friendly, easily configurable platform to help people think about their career and working life in a holistic way.

Would you like to make the next generation of career tools available to your workforce?  Key features include:

  • An engaging and interactive user interface that motivates employees and managers to use the tools
  • A career healthcheck which allows users to identify tools and resources relevant to their career need
  • Comprehensive tools and resources for career exploration plus practical advice on career strategies and tactics
  • Multi-language functionality to reach talent in all markets
  • Company-specific branding and easy integration of existing resources
  • A ‘Career Map Explorer’ tool that can be tailored to your organisation, to show career paths

To find out more visit the Ci Zone microsite. You can also contact us for more information.