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Custom Research

Your key to a well-informed people strategy.

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Too often, organisations introduce HR and people development solutions that don’t work out. Time and money are wasted. The employee experience can be poor. And, at worst, people become disillusioned or sceptical about HR.

Careful research at the start of a project gives your HR solutions the best chance of success. We have 26 years’ experience of custom research; directly for clients, and wider research projects funded by consortia.

Carrying out research is key to a well-informed strategy. We look inside your organisation to fully understand the challenge, its impact on the organisation and its people; and outside to see what others are doing.

We offer two types of research:


Walk in the shoes of your people with employee research. We’ll help you understand your employees’ real needs and experiences using a tailored mix of employee surveys, interviews and focus groups, carried out in person or online. And because we do this before designing a solution, you can be confident that your resulting interventions will be perceived as relevant, and therefore effective.


Tackle a challenge you’re facing by tapping into other organisations’ knowledge and experience in the same area. We interview other employers to find out how they are dealing with similar issues. Our research gives you a set of valuable case studies and comparisons, and contact details for people you can talk to if you’d like to know more.

Research Case Study

A global luxury fashion client wanted a compelling career proposition to support employee engagement, retention and business growth. The start point was a shared vision, informed by external insights on careers today.

We provided research insights and thought leadership, supported by case studies of innovative career development approaches. We supported our client to build a persuasive business case, engaging senior stakeholders in their global career strategy.

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