Since 1998 Ci has facilitated collaborative projects with some of the world’s best known employers. We have conducted over 20 research studies and developed fresh ideas at more than 40 innovation events. Here are some of our current and completed projects.

current projects

  • Be Bold in Your Career title graphic

    Online career course

    The Ci team has completed piloting a new online career course designed to support ‘the vital many’ in their career development.

  • thenewarchitectureoflearning-featuredimage

    The New Architecture of Learning

    Leaders learn mostly on-the-job. Yet organisations still tend to focus on formal training. What needs to change?

completed projects

  • cpdfutures-featuredimage

    CPD Futures

    A research-based project, finding ways for Continuing Professional Development to be more fulfilling for professionals and bring greater benefits to organisations and the people they serve.

  • innovationatwork-featuredimage

    Innovation at Work

    With The Tomorrow Project, we’re setting out to uncover some of the best ways that everyday innovation takes place in organisations.

  • onlinetoolsfornext-generationcareers-featuredimage

    Next-generation career tools

    A new initiative to develop online tools to support career development for the next-generation agile workforce.

  • leadingthefuture-featuredimage

    Leading the Future

    ‘Leading the Future’ documents trends that may have a surprising impact on our lives within 20 years.

  • thedigitalgeneration-featuredimage

    The Digital Generation

    The Digital Generation Initiative was designed to understand the attitudes and technology preferences of next-generation workers.

  • agileresourcing-featuredimage

    Agile Resourcing

    Workers want to be flexible, but few employers have seized this opportunity to create a more agile workforce.

case studies

  • Marriott International

    Marriott International

    Marriott International uses the CiZone to allow employees to assess their skills, identify career goals and manage their performance.

  • microsoft-logo


    Microsoft targets ‘conversation gaps’ to enhance productivity and innovation.