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6 Reasons for doing CPD

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Research has found that many people struggle with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and lack motivation to do it¹.

If you are one of them, or if you realise CPD is common practice and wonder if you should give it more attention, here are some positive reasons.

Being convinced about CPD is vital. Amid the competing demands of work, CPD can sink down your priorities. You need to be motivated to do it well – or even at all.

So here are six compelling reasons.

Through CPD, you can:

1.    Be better at your job
You can keep up to date, learn the skills you need, and improve your customer service and relationships.

2.    Earn more
You can showcase your learning in appraisals and ask for a pay rise.  Or in interview for a new role you can demonstrate your expertise and learning from CPD, and negotiate a good package. In the CPD Research Project’s survey of over 1000 people, respondents thought they earned more as a result of CPD.

3.    Become more employable and achieve your career goals
In the CPD Research Project survey (Amanda Rosewarne, CPD Research Project, 92% of individuals thought that CPD helped them in their career and made them more employable.

4.    Expand your network
Meet your peers and make new contacts. CPD events are a great way to network!

5.    Affirm your identity as a good professional
One survey²  found that this was the most powerful motivation for doing CPD. In some sectors, CPD is necessary to maintain a license to practice.

6.    Build your confidence and credibility
You can do this by tracking your learning achievements, your acquisition of new competences, and your personal growth.



¹ For example, Amanda Rosewarne, CPD Research Project,
² Andrew L. Friedman, Continuing Professional Development, Routledge Press, 2012, p. 39


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